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The last Saturday Market:


April 19, 2014

Elverson Gazebos:Livingood Park

Elverson, PA

Market Hours

10 am – 12 pm



 What Our Summer Market Looked Like

Our summer market met weekly on Saturdays beginning Memorial Day to the last Saturday in September from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the Gazebos at  Livingood Park. 

The Farmers’ Market at Elverson was an open-air farmers’ market that featured great products!

The Farmers’ Market at Elverson celebrated and supported entrepreneurship, ingenuity as well as the local economy.

We loved music in the park and if you had talent, we listened. Roger Gilpin certainly entertained us last year! Put a can in front of you and watch the people express their appreciation.

We loved seeing artisan’s work, every last Saturday of the month we offered our venue to local crafters.

Our community had the opportunity to buy fresh, locally grown foods directly from their farmers. This was just one more opportunity to bridge the gap between the farm and the fork!

We were grateful that Elverson Borough allowed us the use of their beautiful  Livingood Park. This allowed us to continue the running of the market and likewise the gathering of the community every Saturday.

There was always more going on at the market than the selling of food and wares.

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Wondering what’s fresh this week or what special events or artisans you’ll see each week? Check back every Friday for updates on our “This Week“ page from our vendors!

There is always more going on at The Farmer’s Market at Elverson…

The article was written by Brandon Hertzler the man who has sold you produce at Weaver’s Orchard stand. He has recently just graduated from Messiah College and landed a teaching position in Hamburg. Hopefully that school schedule will keep him coming back to work at The Farmer’s Market at Elverson.



Where Blessings Seem to Grow

by Brandon Hertzler


For the past three years, on a Saturday morning, I have chosen to becounter cultural. Rather then taking part in a rite of passage (or entitlement) by relaxing, after a long week of work, I do quite the opposite. Each Saturday I get out of bed at 5:30 a.m., grab my lunch prepared the night before, and head out to Weaver’s Orchard. You will not hear me complain about this, ever. In fact, it is quite the opposite. There is nothing I would trade for this amazing experience. I love representing Weaver’s Orchard during the growing season by selling amazing produce at The Farmers Market at Elverson. This experience reminds me of many things.


For one, Saturdays continually remind me how blessed I am. TheFarmers Market at Elverson makes me realize how fortunate I am to have grown up in Elverson. This experience also makes me thankful to be apart of an amazing family. I have always loved Elverson, and when I left for college, I found myself wanting to return more and more as each year passed. To have a loving family and an amazing work opportunity with Weaver’s Orchard is a double blessing.


Weaver’s Orchard has always been a part of my life and is a part of my family. You see, I am lucky enough to have Ed Weaver as an Uncle! I have very fond memories of going to the orchard as a child to shop, to experience field trips, and of course for the festivals. I always looked forward to the festivals. We would get lost in the hay tunnels, we would ride on tractors, and I always felt like royalty because I had a free pass as long as I was with my cousin Eric.


Over the years the orchard slipped into fond memories until, a few years ago when, Uncle Ed graciously asked me to join the Weaver’s Orchard Team. He asked if I would lead some off-cite marketing opportunities. Little did I know what this entailed or where it would lead me!


To this day, when people ask, “So what do you do at the Orchard?” I laugh and ask them, “Where would you like me to begin?!” Working for the Orchard has been the most rewarding, stressful, challenging, yet reassuring environment for which to work and I have done a variety of things. Not only have I managed off site markets for Weaver’s Orchard, packing and unpacking produce, I have also landscaped a new area for big events. I have worked in the “Pick Your Own” section of the Orchard and most recently served as a salesmen/spokesperson for the new Orchard2Office program. This new program delivers produce to the office, an exciting new option for Weaver’s Orchard to provide nutrition to sedentary office workers.


My areas of expertise were not in Marketing, Public Relations, or anything near what I have done for Weaver’s Orchard these past three years. I recently graduated with a degree in Biology from Messiah College a bit of a stretch from the PR work I have done during the summers. But all that I learned at Weaver’s will benefit me greatly as I embark on teaching seventh graders Life Science at Hamburg Middle School. The Agricultural Unit the school wants me to develop will be enhanced from my past three years at the orchard with Uncle Ed.


My role at this market, and my role at Weaver’s Orchard has shaped me more then I could ever have imagined! The Saturdays of serving people at The Farmer’s Market at Elverson have been foundational to who I am today. It has been a joy to wake up, put on my green T-shirt and represent the family.


I enjoy serving the customers, my neighbors and love catching up with friends each week. I have enjoyed watching some of the regulars expand their families with new babies. Ruby, my co-worker, and I, over the past three years, have enjoyed watching our customers’ children grow.


To answer the question John H. Wilson posed in the June issue of the Elverson Borough Newsletter, “Whatever happened to Saturday? ”, I would have to say, it has become a day that has reminded me over and over of how much I am blessed.


Brandon Hertzler

Elverson, PA